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Frequently Asked Questions
How long has Lions Light been in business?
~Lions Light has been helping customers with exceptional service since 2007.
What platform is your Content Management Solution (CMS) built on?
~Our CMS is a custom built solution, created by Lions Light Corporation specifically to run newspaper and magazine websites.
What kind of training and support does Lions Light offer?
~We provide our customers with training and support free of charge. Plus, unlike our competitors who require the use of a trouble ticket system for support, Lions Light representatives are available via email, phone, or chat. Additionally, our customers have access to thorough training videos, and may contact us 24/7/365 for assistance at no charge.
Does your software require an advanced knowledge of computer programming?

~No. Our software is very simple to use and requires no programming knowledge. Our software is also web-based and requires no installation or purchase of additional software by our customers.


Can my existing story archive be imported?


~Yes, if you have an existing archive of stories, we can import it. *Standard hourly import charges apply.


Is your web software search engine friendly?


~Yes. Your stories will be indexed by Google, Bing and other search engines.


Can I insert YouTube videos or scripts such as weather or news feeds?

~Yes. YouTube videos, scripts and widgets, and news feeds can be inserted on your stories, your home page, and other pages.


How much hard drive space does Lions Light provide for my website?

~We can provide as much space as you need. The first 30 gigs are included, but additional gigs can be purchased as needed.


How long will it take to get my newspaper/magazine website online?

~We work at your pace to get your website live as quickly as you desire.

Why should I choose ROAR over another newspaper or magazine website solution?
~In short, our system offers an extensive array of time saving features, site monetizing options, a user friendly interface, expert analysis to help increase circulation, and expert U.S. based support via phone, email or chat.


If I decide to discontinue my service with Lions Light what happens to my data?

~At your request, a link to download your data can be sent to you. 

Can I customize my newspaper/magazine template?
~Our software gives customers the ability to modify the look and functionality of their site by enabling or disabling available features in the control panel, or modifying the CSS.
What happens to my existing website while my new site is being built?

~For customers that have an existing website, we can provide a temporary URL for your new website, allowing the creation of your new website to occur without impacting your existing site.

Does Lions Light charge setup fees?

~There are no setup charges when you sign up and begin utilizing our service. Possible fees you may incur in the setup phase include importing existing stories database, utilizing Lions Light designers to create your website graphics, or customization of both the subscription and classified ad placement forms (1 customization is free and included).

How much does your software cost?
~Please visit our pricing page for more details, but most customers pay only $150 per month which includes all features, functions, training and unlimited support.

How does billing work when I use your service?


~We offer monthly, twice yearly, and annual payment options. Monthly payments are set up via our automated system which charges your credit card or bank account on the date you specify and emails a receipt each time a charge occurs.

If I sign up, what happens next?


~The beginning steps include a detailed meeting so we gain a thorough understanding of your publication, what you wish to accomplish with your publication website, and what is important to you and your customers. After we’ve assessed your needs, we’ll work with you to set your site up properly and determine any necessary customization. Simultaneously, we’ll point you to our training videos so you gain a solid understanding of working in the software.

*Note: Training videos are for Lions Light customers. For access, log into your ROAR staff interface and click on Training Videos.

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